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 History [RO- Onward]

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I WOE WITHOUT PANTS is a guild. We fight with honor and we fight to the death.

IWWP began as a small guild named 'Ahoy Phail Muffins' (To the name we credit Kate for her phail muffinz <3), back around 2008, on a low rate Ragnarok server (10/10/10) called Project Rage. Though we were never a large WoE guild at the time, we picked up many players willing to go along with it. We eventually moved on to Destina, where we met the guild 'SuperPwnageDhoomTrain' (Something along those lines). At the time we were unable to WoE on our own and worked with them.

After our server died, we (APM) moved on to a mid-rate server, Best-RO, under the name 'Really Bad Players'. Our focus was mainly MvPing at the start, but we eventually evolved into an FE WoE guild. We were the best WoE guild on the server the majority of the time the server was open, though we had little Second Edition experience at the time. We eventually left, striving to become a better SE WoE guild, and find better guilds to face off against in our search.

We came across the server MalevolentRO, a server dedicated to the WoE and PvP experience- which looked promising. We joined, soon becoming WoE active. Though we were horrid, we had fun, grew, and learned much from our experience. Soon after WoE became fairly active, becoming a server which hosted a 'good' WoE, with many competitive guilds and players. Really Bad Players became very small in comparison to the other, more professional guilds (We had about 20 people left, while most others had 30+ at the time). We were forced to merge with SPDT in order to bring up our numbers and compete with the promising newer guilds, boasting a full number of 48. We were renamed to 'I WOE WITHOUT PANTS' after the merge, a name that we all love! The server held many experienced players, but where experienced players come, there is also cheating and the like. Speedgear and lack of authority, attention, and care towards the server (from the administrators) lead to the inevitable downfall and closure of the server.

Though it was not our actual end as a WoE guild, our last official enjoyments as a WoE guild (under IWWP) ended on the Spanish mid rate, RotakU (This was in 2010-2011). As we are an English guild, not many people in the server appreciated our appearance as a competitive guild. Our members struggled to get much from the community, and holding most of the English population in our guild lead to discrimination towards us as a group. Some administrators tried to be friendly, as well as some players, but the 'voice of the community' hated us, and therefore, we were not welcome. We completely dominated WoE when we were ready, leading the competitive WoE scene- but as much as we enjoyed competing, it was hard for us to grow in a community that hated us. Many of us quit the game for good, but this did not stop us. We eventually grew tired of being outnumbered (and still winning for the most part), leaving again to find a more competitive server- but our efforts were futile, for the most part- our beloved game was competitively dead.

Now, though we are no longer playing Ragnarok as IWWP, we find enjoyment in other games.

We currently have two main goals.

One - To find willing, dedicated members to create a League of Legends team- who work well together through cooperation, strategy and knowledge of the game. This will take time.

Two - Rampage through Guild Wars 2 as a guild once again.

WoE - War of Emperium
FE - First Edition
SE - Second Edition
MvPing - Boss hunting

More updated later.
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History [RO- Onward]
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