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 Application Format!

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Application Format! Empty
PostSubject: Application Format!   Application Format! EmptyWed Sep 18, 2013 9:34 pm

We are not making our server public at this time.

Answer all questions as clearly as possible. Do not leave anything blank without specifying a reason. You are required to fill in everything eventually, as you will not be accepted with an incomplete application.

Those who apply automatically agree to be active on our forums and are willing to post on an attendance sheet every week. You also agree to listen to orders during WoE & other guild activities (such as practices), and those who do not are at risk of being guild kicked- as we are a WoE oriented guild and we will not tolerate your bullshit.

The application is as below. After filling out every question, feel free to post your application in this section, in a separate topic. Be open to criticism as we always find something to ask you about. If you are rejected, by all means, re-apply after fixing your mistakes or re-applying as another class. Re-applying without change will not make us accept you.

In-general requirements to join:

- Must speak and understand English fluently.
- Must be active on forums, minimum to read announcements, WoE discussions and posting on attendance.
- Must have high attendance rate. Meaning, if you don't show up when you say you will, you will be guild kicked.
- Must use ventrilo during guild activities (mostly referring to Woe). If you do not, you will be automatically rejected or guild kicked.
- Must have basic knowledge on WoE and the mechanics of ro in general.
- Must be willing to reroll or make sacrifice for the good of the guild.

We also only do application recruitment, but an in game interview can be requested by the guild or the applicant after the application process has been completed.

1. What do we call you, and where are you from? (Time zone) -

2. Are you fluent in English (Reading/Writing/Listening)? -

3. What class are you applying as? -

4. Current gear & stats?(Screenshot is REQUIRED. Include your battlemode.) -

5. Final gear & stats. (Use http://calcx.wushuang.ws/ and when done, save as URL) -

6. What consumables do you plan to use for WoE? -

7. Final skill build (Either screenshot or use some kind of simulator) -

8. How long have you been playing RO for? -

9. What is your role in SE WoE as the class you are applying as? YOU MUST BE DETAILED -

10. What other classes are you experienced with (Or willing to learn)? -

11. Names of characters we can contact you on -

12. Which WoE(s) can you attend, and how often?-

13. Do you use ventrilo? (Mic?) -

14. What is your ping? - (Start > Search "cmd". When command prompt pops up, type: ping You MUST provide a screenshot.

15. What is your CPU/RAM/GPU specs? - (CPU specs: Start > Right click "Computer" > Properties. GPU: Start > Search "Device Manager" > Expand "Display Adapters" and screenshot them both.)

16. Have you been in any other guilds on our current server? (If so, name them) -

17. Past servers and guilds? -

18. Do you currently know anyone in our guild? -

19. Anything else you feel you need to share? -

Also, having no experience is fine. If the rest of your application is good, you can still be accepted, and we will try to teach you as much as we can. If you are not willing to learn, please do not apply.

This can change any time.
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Application Format!
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